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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

For some reason, people like to compare themselves to other traders.  It’s a silly thing, because in two years, most of those traders won’t be around.  Haters always want to marginalize your success, but rarely do they experience success themselves.  Sounds like a vicious, miserable cycle if you ask me.

Success is something that isn’t consistent for most traders.  Most fail due to a lack of knowledge.  Even the bible tells you “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Consider your trading, why are you losing?

I was once in your shoes.  Like everyone else,  I lost money learning to trade.  Now I get accused of not actually trading with real money.  It’s ok, makes no difference to me.  I’m always trading against myself.  I have no one to blame for my trades, other than myself.  The sooner you take responsibility for your own trades, the sooner you’ll reach consistency.


A little less than two weeks ago, I set out to turn a small account into a less than small account.  It’s a work in progress, but I managed to 10X a tiny Bitmex account.


What, you thought I missed the 10X dream?

Will I promise you that you will become successful?  Nah, there’s no way for me to know the future.  But, there’s nothing quite like discipline and hard work, putting in the time and study to learning what’s needed to become successful at anything.

When people doubt you,  work harder.  They say you only fail when you quit.  Throughout my learning process, I wanted to quit many times, but I always came back to the charts.  Look,  10Xing an account in the crypto world, isn’t much of an accomplishment, considering the bitcoin bull run and the countless altcoin pump and dump ICOs.  The thing is,  I didn’t start trading crypto early on.   I traded other assets, while crypto was the last thing on my mind.  So I gave it a shot, and here we are.  Crypto is the wild west, full of scams, terrible brokers by forex and futures standards, and peppered with shills.

Let’s see how good we can get as we make our way to 100X, what say you?

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