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This Course Saved My Butt

Like most new traders, I got crushed by the market in my first year of trading. I was 70% down. Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly reading the course (I’m still not done digesting it), and I’ve now recouped the ENTIRE 70% loss and broke even this week. As a new trader trading only longs in a bear market without leverage (the crypto exchanges I use don’t offer shorts), that felt pretty amazing. Thank you!


It simplified the art of trading.

I had been trading for 8 years, but even after all that, this course made trading much more fun (and profitable) for me. The thought of doing anything else seems ridiculous now.


Price of admission, 1,000,000% worth it!

I truly believe Dope’s course should be value a lot more then what is asking. The community that Dope created in his discord channel are full of genuine and humble people. A great place to learn and share ideas.

Thanks for everything that you are creating Dope!

Khoa Nguyen

The real way to trade

I found Dope about a month ago, and joined the alpha room shortly after. I’ve been absolutely amazed at how much I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve been apart of several other very popular guru chat rooms, including Warrior Trading,  and none of them come close to what Dope teaches you. Those other guys are giving you indicator/breakout trading, basically everything that is wrong with retail trading. Dope teaches you pure price action and what real trading actually looks like it.


Price action is King

“Price action is King”, I read that in a trading book about a year ago, and I thought it was an utterly insightful comment. Everything I had observed to that point made me realize that indicators don’t work as signals, and waves are something you observe after the fact, usually. Of course, I went down the road of trying to memorize complex candlestick formations because that’s where everyone claimed the secret sauce is.

Well, that’s non-sense. Complete and utter non-sense that will blow out your account.

My goal was to understand price action on a more intrinsic level, and I feel I do so now because of his course. I’m not saying that there isn’t more to learn – there definitely is – and I probably need to read the course another five or six times in detail to get everything out of it, but I’m profitable now. The first trade setup I took that was based entirely on the technicals in this course had a 6.2 R/R and hit full extension. It was a perfect play on the chart – and then I reversed it, and did another 3-something R/R on the retrace! Now its just a question of practice, practice, practice, to make these setups a transcendental knowledge.

I think there’s nothing more satisfying as a trader, than to see a candle close at a given point on the chart, and understand exactly why it went there. This gave me that.


Zero to Hero

I have been in the course for about 6 months and have held off till now to write a testimonial. I want to make sure I am honest and objective and give someone in my situation a clear idea of what to expect if you decide to make this purchase. A year ago I made my first trade ever. I fomo’d into buying the ‘dip’ of bitcoin at $12,000. After a couple of months of HODLing I couldn’t figure out why I was losing money still. Then I found Dope through a twitch stream. It was late at night and he was calling for bitcoin to drop. I was intrigued because everything he said made sense logically. What was more curious, was that he barely knew what bitcoin was, but had a logical explanation for every move that occurred based on what was happening on the chart. I traded the last of my remaining crypto for cash and bought the course. I had a few months of ups and downs, but eventually, everything clicked. Now I’m confident in my trades as well as reading charts using Dope’s system for trading futures and forex (bitcoin is too boring). So if you’re asking yourself, “Does this work for someone that has never traded a day in their life?” The answer is Yes, but you’re gonna have to work for it, don’t expect to have your hand held. Trading is difficult and having the traders mindset and recognizing levels takes time, don’t give up on yourself, the system works! It just takes time. Get ready to read the course over and over and watch videos on repeat because if you really want this you’ll put in the time. My life has been forever changed since getting the course and I owe this all to Dope, this man is a living legend, and this system is the key to everything you’ve ever wanted.

Isaac C.

Real Dope!

Followed Dope from the very first day he arrived on CWN, when people thought he was all talk in the chat. It was honestly great to watch, when he was offered to join the stream and show what he could do, not many thought he would step up to the plate i don’t think? but he did!
From that moment, I wanted to hear from him more. His method seemed so clear and simple, not easy, but easier to understand. Don’t get me wrong as soon as he stopped talking & the following day, I had forgotten most of what he spoke of. I continued to tune in and watch all the guys and just learn what I could as the days/Weeks passed. When we went over to CTTV and Dope mentioned he was working on his course, I knew I had to have it. I waited it out a while before pulling the trigger, as i felt it to be a bit of a gamble? not knowing what to expect? Would I understand it? Would it be for me? Or was it worth the money? All those negatives were crushed once I had bought it and I realised, it’s like going back to college and learning a new trade, which could be invaluable in the future. What I’m hoping to gain from the course is to be confident in chart reading eventually, so later on, I may be able to earn money from it, without the stress of running a business like now.
I’m still going through the courses, completed once, and working through them again and again, each time it becoming clearer. My plan is to get to know Dopes concepts better, before I join the Alpha room or know when I can commit some decent time to it, all the while knowing I’m already missing out!
Can’t wait to get into this more and more, it’s great to be involved with!
Thanks Dope for what you’re doing,


Up-Up, Down-Down, Left-Right-Left-Right, B, A, Start – Literal trading cheat codes.

A trading course that is about as eye opening as the moment I found out about the Konami Code while playing Contra on the NES. The course goes into great detail to teach even the most proficient of traders. I’m lucky I found @DopeTrades course, and CTTV (twitch.tv/cryptotraderstv), early in my trading career as to avoid having to absorb much of the regurgitated garbage that is out on the web. Can’t wait for the videos to come out in the near future. Don’t get HOOKED! 😉

Chris G (AlphaGLHF)


I first found Dope on twitch watching CCTV and he was dropping truth bombs left and right so I did some research to see how legit he was. Stumbled upon a few videos on youtube and one that really struck me was the “losing the high” video. At around 40:00 he had me awestruck, everything he said made so much sense. I started applying these things to my trades and that alone raised my % gain per day. I decided that I needed to invest in his advanced course, after reading through the first unit I was completely sold. I needed to learn everything he had to offer. I joined the Alpha room and man oh man, that really changed the game. First day in the Alpha room and my first day trading futures I made 2.1k. Cranked through the remainder of the courses and I have been consistently hitting my goal of 1k a day off of futures market. If you are coming from the crypto market you’ll learn that a lot of the groups you have joined are complete and utter bullshit. I learned more in the first week with Dope than I have in my past year from any of the groups that I paid for. I wasted around $8k buying into these crypto groups who taught me nothing useful. I have yet to see a Crypto group that is even in the same tier as Dope. Don’t fret on the price of the course. You’ll make it back the week after you start trading with this new found knowledge. Forget anything and everything you learned before joining this group. He won’t give you signals but god damn will he teach you to find clarity in the charts. I’m in disbelief at how simple the markets seem now.

Justin Sun

The One and Only

If you’re serious about technical analysis and are dedicated to pushing your understanding LOOK NO FURTHER. Dope’s advanced course is the SINGLE most useful tool and compilation of legitimate price action knowledge and tactics that exists. Well worth every single penny and then some…

This course is the single most valuable piece of knowledge in my trading arsenal and has allowed me to create a profitable strategy for not only day trading but scalping and long term investment entries and exists as well.

10 stars if I could.




I’m a stay at home parent. Like many households someone’s looking after the kids and time is something I have lots of I’ve spent many nights looking up ways I could make a income while at home or looking for work to fit in with the kids school so someone would be home but it’s not easy moneys always tight.

I found my way into bitcoin trying to trade not having much luck.

I spent many hours looking up Elliott waves, RSI, bull and bear traps, so many indicators this list is endless. You can even make your own YAY! zzzz

So many teachers online offering solid info, even the highest ranked traders with the big bucks use indicators, so i thought that’s the right road but omg
it might shock you but it’s all garbage.  You don’t need it. I know it’s a little blunt but it is what it is, yes garbage.
I trade now with 0 of them. My last trade after proper study of the course, turned $200 into $1000 with no real skills to speak of prior.

If a high school dropout can pick this course up and make $800 profit in a single trade, I’m sure anyone can.

We are a single income household. I’M SURE MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH THIS. It’s tough, but someone has to look after the kids while they are little. This is a REAL option to make money from home.

You don’t need deep pockets to get on this train. The upfront cost was a bit for us being on a strict budget but it’s about to pay for itself in what maybe 2-3 more trades, then it’s just in the bank profit.  So many people ask for so much more, and it’s all the same indicator crap. If your a stay at home parent, time is all you need to perfect your trading, and a real chance to make money.  If i could convince one person to buy this course, I hope it’s you and three other people that look like you !!!

My kids will have the same superpowers as Batman. MONEY !!!

You can find me in the discord, it comes free with the course.
Join the community. All these testimonials come from real normal people.



The Only One

For me personally of all the info I have consumed free and paid, the only one that really made it simple, and has made me become a real trader, make money consistently, was learning what Dopetrades explains in this course.

If you learn everything and apply it you will definitely learn become a better trader.

I am glad I have found TradersUnderground when I did.

And now I can have the time I wanted and not having to depend on jobs, or businesses to make me money I can do that on my own.

Lucas F. (Chapox)

If there exist two explanations for an occurrence, the simpler one is usually better.

Why is proper TA so hard to learn? Because no matter what analysis you do, the market will go in favor of it half the time. This means that virtually anything can be used to explain price movement in markets. Its not surprising why trading is so hard. Almost all the information in the public space about TA is convoluted, contradicting, and overly complex.

Coming from an engineering background I generally like to understand concepts at their core. The fundamentals. Hoards of indicators used by majority of the TA community is the opposite of the fundamentals. They’re abstractions and calculations telling you to do something without understanding whats happening under the hood. The more assumptions you have to make to explain something, generally the more unlikely the explanation. I laugh at most of the TA community now for the absurdity of their trading systems.

If you are a learning trader or experienced trader, buy this course immediately. Its worth well over what it is priced. The information in it is not discussed or available online in 99% of the TA communities I have seen.

You wont buy this course and be promised results. You need to digest the material in it. You need to practice and work charting it. But over time as you keep revisiting it and internalizing it you will start to see the concepts in the chart automatically. You’ll understand at a glance what price is more likely to do at certain points and where to spot trades.

After awhile youll be confident in your analysis. Youll be able to move between markets and trade successfully off naked charts better than everyone around using indicators. Because youll understand the price action and trend that make up the indicators themselves. But it will take work. And its on you to manage your risk and control your emotions. Thats still half the game.

Just look at DopeTrades tradingview calls, VODs on youtube, or twitch streams. The proof is there.

You want to be in the top 5-10% of traders who are actually profitable? You’re staring at the key to that, everything you need is here besides your own work.

I make very good money at my job. I have good job security. But an entire life working 9-5 sounds like hell to me. I consider this, without question, to be the best purchase ive ever made. Why? Because it is the tool kit to create your own income and escape the soul crushing 9-5 work life. But its on you to put the work in and learn to use the tools within it.

If you’re serious about being successful at trading and you just decided against buying this course, then you’re really not that serious about being successful at trading.

You think i’m just shilling this or this is a fake review? Seriously, bruh, I would slap you if you were next to me in real life, i’m real. So is this course and its contents. I routinely wonder if it is an actual conspiracy that this information isn’t findable or known within the broader TA community. Just buy it, you can thank me in discord.

Evan (megustalechuga)

The Master of Trend

Dope has really broken down how trend works. At the most basic definition of it. Is the current trend up or is it down? When does an uptrend become a downtrend and vice versa? How do I enter a long/short (with insane precision) and a proper stop loss? Once you understand and practice the concepts in Dope’s course you will no longer be lost in the market. Can’t thank dope enough for sharing his knowledge.

Marcus (MrPunta)

Made A Pimp

Yeah man i was out here pimping these bitches man. Now that dope trade has taught me to pimp these bitch man 10/10

John The Pimp


Before I started this course I was reasonably profitable in crypto, mainly as I lucked out and started October 2017. Of course, you don’t realise when to take profits when you’re not properly trained, so just like everyone in trading bar the top 1%, I lost money. Did you really sell at the top? If you did… you lucked out… and probably bought in again at a later point and lost.

I’ve followed Philakone, Eric Choe, all the standard crypto influences/traders on twitter. Thought I knew my stuff too following indicators and break out trading, made some profits here and there following macd crosses/moving averages crosses and RSI overbought oversold etc, but nothing major.

I stumbled across this course and completed it in half a day. I even asked for a refund as I thought I knew everything in here, bar a couple of ideas. I couldn’t see the point in it.

Next day, read over some critical ideas on the course, drew some nice clean charts, and over the course of 4-5 days I saved 3x the price of this course as I knew when to exit my current portfolio as a drop swiftly followed a couple of days later.

A a week later I mastered some of the trading ideas in the course, after a couple of losses initially, I have made almost the cost of this course back, excluding the amount which I saved in the above paragraph.

Total saved/gained around $6k.

One thing I can say now, the stars have aligned.

It’s a reality – you will get your nose bloody. You will want to quit at some point, maybe you have thought of doing so already. But honestly, if I hadn’t taken this course, I would be on a slippery slope of losing money waiting for the next crypto bull run.

This course will teach you why the majority of crypto ‘pros’ and ‘gurus’ are wrong and teach bad practises, why indicators are exactly that, INDICATORS and lagging. When the market is falling, when the market is rising and most importantly, I know exactly what the signs are for any potential bull run to occur.

This course is crammed with content. I can also say, if you finish it quickly, you didn’t get it. Go back again, re-read. Keep re-reading every day as there is always something new in the course that you didn’t read. Once it aligns, you’ve made trades, you’ve seen it work you will think
“Yeah, this is like magic”… because it literally is.

Just do yourself a favour, start small, learn, keep learning from this course and eventually you will “just get it”.


Learn to Read a Chart

Joined Alpha room a month ago, and a week later decided this Dope guy knows what he’s talking about, so decided to buy the course too. Yesterday, I paid for my second month of alpha room, here are the first month numbers:

Alpha Room: $249.00
Advanced Course: $1,500.00
Total: $1,749.00

Deposited $2,000.00 into a futures account the day after joining the room
End of the Month account balance: $6,591

ROI: 262%

Need I say more?
Learn how to read a chart and stop throwing darts.




This course pays for itself.

I’ve been trading stocks/forex casually for nearly a decade now and have seen many ups and downs. This course has blown me away.

Get rid of the hundreds of indicators splattering your charts in the “holy grail” trading systems and actually LEARN what the charts are telling you. I’ve never felt more in control and disciplined before. This course covers it all, from the emotional to the technical sides of things.

A week after reading through all the material twice, I made the cost of the course in one bitcoin trade. And the methodology applies to ALL markets. I don’t have enough good things to say about this.


It’s the quickest ROI ever in my life

It’s too good that I still can’t believe Dope made this all available for us.

After spending a week reading the course I finally stopped bleeding on my crypto trades. This course is easy enough to understand without spending years behind the books. No ElliotWave and 10 indicators craziness, just the basic principles that work! No magic pill either.

I had some doubt when I paid for the Alpha room. I wasn’t sure whether this all will work. Like, hey he sold me his course, and now he wants to get money off me monthly.

Oh boy, how wrong I was…

Don’t miss out on the Alpha room after you read the course! That’s where all the daily action happens. I’ve recovered all the money spent for the course and the alpha room membership already.


Don’t Trade Alone Anymore!

There is way too much unnecessary information out there in the world with regards to proper trading. Taking up the course actually saves me immense amount of time in doing my own incorrect research and throwing money to markets. Practise on the real concepts instead.

Best part of the signing up? It’s the community built up by the management. I get to learn more from one another and learn from my mistakes and look out for trade ideas/signals that will guide me in my own trading decisions.


Your first chart will pay for the course!

My first chart after completing the Dope course paid for the course. 300% profit on my first trade!


Accelerate your skills.

I’ve spent the last month diligently trading and charting using concepts throughout the DopeTrades course.

I’m at a 42% win/loss record. Doesn’t sound too amazing, but if you factor a good risk/reward ratio and disciplined position sizes, I’m up 30% in profit.

This course will fill in the knowledge gaps you may have when looking at a chart. But keep in mind, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You aren’t going to buy this course and immediately turn a profit.

You have to work and apply the concepts, challenge your thinking, and learn to trade just like any other skill.

This course is definitely worth the money you put down for it, but don’t expect things to be easy.


I actually stopped losing …

Do your charts look like battle station control centers?
Are you guessing on trades (deep down… be honest)?
Do you have wins and losses but lose CASH in the long run?

It’s time to try this course. Just grab the beginner, if you’re skeptical, and upgrade later. I’ve studied TA for > 1 year and the more I learned, the more complicated my trading strategy became.

Within hours of finishing up the course, my charts started looking clean again, I started to trade with conviction instead of combing through endless indicators just to end up with no idea why I was actually going long or short.

I had winning trades and losing trades before this course. I’d over-leverage and end up way up or way down (pure emotional, indicator-driven garbage), or trade without any real purpose.

Now, within 2 weeks of finishing up this course, I have about 85% winning trades. That’s ridiculous. Seriously.

Stop playing yourself, get back to the basics, and learn to win again. This course + this group is a serious breath of fresh air.


20k worth of Courses VS DopeTrades Course

Personally, I have 20k worth of courses under my belt, including Tai Lopez’s crypto course, but nothing can be compared to DopeTrade’s course. As an entrepreneur, I invest in myself and in doing so I have taken multiple courses ranging from digital marketing, real estate, credit, crypto, trading but Dope’s course is priceless. Yes, I know you have to pay for the course so technically it is not priceless. However, I guarantee you will will get your money back by learning Dope’s techniques and utilizing them in your trades. The course is broken down in a way that makes it simple to learn. After going through Dope’s course and using his levels and techniques I have never been so to confident in my trades.

jay thakuri

Simple and Effective Trading

I was one of those new traders with tons of indicators on my charts, hoping and praying they would show me the way. Unfortunately, they never did, and my profitable trades decreased substantially. I purchased Dope’s course and it paid for itself in 3 days. My life is forever changed.

James (itsoxx)

A unique view on trading, close to perfection

Traders underground course is the first one I ever read that turned everything upside down. The content is very concise and ground breaking.
Since I took the course my confidence in my trading raised significantly and I’m getting more and more consistent to get profitable trades.
Get prepared to remove all your indicators, start back from the fundamentals and start your journey to reach closer to 100% profitable trades, because that’s what it is all about.


Mind Blown. Simple. Digestible. Game Changing.

The best introduction to trading on the planet, bar none. You will get a tremendous foundation from which to build a successful trading strategy. This foundation will enable you to make in any financial market going in either direction. Highly recommend.

Thank You!!!

Jeff F

I am not serious about trading… maybe I should be

Two things that have got me thinking differently… patience and levels.
Or and also we need videos – the head is too thick.


Fundamental, basic, natural, principles

All things are built on a foundation of fundamental, basic, natural principles. Finding, identifying, understanding, applying, and adhering to these principles is key to success in any endeavor. Market trading is no different. The Traders Underground Chart Reading Course breaks chart reading down to its simplest core components and builds a strategy of thinking around them that is clear, logical, concise and effective. There is no way to predict the future but being able to see what the market is showing, where it is, how and why it got there has been a game changer. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Steve M

Candles with Wickes

This information is the equivalent of seeing the Forest through the trees, except at the end you will notice that the trees have leaves.


Not going to lie

At first I was pissed because I pretty much was of the mindset that I just paid 500$ for you to tell me what a trend is, but the more I study it, the more it makes sense. Plus you telling about these levels helped me out way before I purchased. Just wanted to say thank you and I plan on getting the advanced course soon. I guess your courses pay for themselves.


He has shown me the way.

For a long time. I searched on youtube, google, investopedia, every major trading site that you could think of. Had all kinds of indicators, and noise on my chart, thinking that they would “line up” and tell me when to buy and sell. Problem was that I was never fully aware of what the chart was telling me and relied on these indicators as a crutch. Only to always be behind the curve. I’ve only bought the beginner course so far, since going through it I’ve come to actually understand what the chart does. I’ve come to realize when situations are occurring and how to react to them.

Since the beginner course, my trading is more intentional rather than hopeful, and will be putting my profits towards the advanced course. So if you are skeptical, I highly recommend the beginner course, as it will help you realize that Dopetrades is really condensing an insane amount of knowledge into a very easy to approach form.


You will not find this anywhere else

I have been in the crypto space for a while now, and have yet to find someone who trades the way DopeTrades does. His method is tested and can be universally applied to all markets. No fancy indicators or elliot waves that he has to adjust constantly to fit his bias; just easy to learn, easy to master methods that are tried and true. I was able to pay for the cost of the advanced course in my first trade. I’m not saying this will happen for everyone — I have had plenty of losing trades, but that number has significantly gone down since applying what I have learned through the Advanced Course. If you’re unsure, and are hesitant like I was (I was a skeptic at first), watch DopeTrades on twitch for a bit and you’ll soon realize that he knows what he’s doing.

Some of my trades that paid for the course:

Rob Manly

Market Cheat Code

This course will provide you with simple and effective strategies to make consistent returns from any market. The strategies introduced in the course are proven and will change the way you approach Technical Analysis. My trading has improved significantly in the short time since I started the course and I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Dope Trades is essentially giving you the cheat code to making more money.

Victor M (Marquisco)


If I had to use one word it would be clarity. It has definitely cleared my charts of clutter and complexity, allowing me to see what is truly going on. You receive solid, clearly demonstrated fundamentals, all supported with access to streams, the TradersUnderground Community and lifetime access to the well laid out course material. I dipped my toes into the entry level Beginners course and wasn’t disappointed, except to say i had been doing it all wrong all along. I’ve since dived headlong into the Advanced course and now approach my trading very differently. DopeTraders’ knowledge is clearly evident and his methods are thoroughly explained. I have found it to be well worth the investment, just on time saved, and there is something for everyone inside. Thanks.


Eye opening

I was skeptical at first. I started doing my research on this course through the CWN 24/7 stream channel on twitch where they go over a bunch of trading methods used. They recommended this course to improve my trading. I’m glad I did, I was able to get the beginner course to try it out. The information he has is impressive and made me re-look at how I was viewing charts. He gives a run down on the topic with examples (soon to be videos as well from what he has been saying – which I am extremely excited for). I’m still working at getting better at reading the chart, but his method of finding how the chart will react is amazing. I would recommend at least the beginner course to get an idea of what this has to offer and soon after you will be craving for the advanced course.

Alexander L. (Amphoric)

He’s killing it! Why wait?

What are you waiting for? Let DopeTrades pain be something you don’t have to suffer with. Higher learning made into simple and easy to understand instructions. This course is what I’ve been looking for. I wasted so much money in hoping and frustration. Only winners need this knowledge. Lifetime support and continuing education. It’s a winning deal. I’ll see you on the Inside


He’s practically giving it away!!!!

I’ve searched high and low trying to find a trading course and just by chance, I found this one and I’m blown away!!! This course costs way less than others and has more information. Within the first 20 minutes, my chart reading went from beginner to intermediate. I applied what I learned and surprise, surprise, I made profit. Reading charts is so much easier now, so glad I found Dope and his course.

If you are someone, like me, who wants to learn without losing your money, get this course and start making profits immediately.

Ken M (CryptoKen)


Just like others I was blessed with catching DopeTrades on twitch and my mind was blown. I got my notepad out and started researching anything and everything that featured him trading. Right after he announced that his course was out I jumped right on it. And it is GOLD… no no… this is RHODIUM… Considering the amount of lives this course is going to change this is definitely worth more than whatever he charges for it.
Clean, simple, easy to read, easy to understand. Not even a week ago i was opening up charts and dropping 10 indicators on them trying to figure it out where the price is going to go… Now i can clearly see whats happening with just a glance and couple of indicators are now just confirming my thoughts. Do yourself a favor and stop guessing where the price is going and learn about where its going to go.

Andrey S. (KeepEscaping)


I will just start by saying Dopetrades is amazing. I learned about him through CWN. He literally would do trades on stream, and would be blowing my mind with how clear, easy, and readable his charts were! That literally transgressed into the information he has compiled into this guide. It is clear, to the point, and really captures what I feel I needed to learn going forward with charting. I have not even finished all of the course, I am applying it to my charts and it’s working, and making sense. If you are willing to read through what he has put together, and have half a brain, I would be mind blown if you didn’t make money!

Garrett Duncan (Norbok)

This course is amazing! So simple, yet so brilliant!

The first time I watched Dope explain his unique trading method was on an educational twitch channel called CryptoWorldNews (CWN). I remember typing in chat that his trading method was either completely genius or that he was just trolling the viewers. After many weeks of watching him trade and going through his course, I am happy to say that Dope is among the best traders I have ever seen. Furthermore, his way of trading is the easiest for “noobs” to pickup because it does not make use of 3 dozen extravagant indicators that each take many many hours to learn.

I give his course a solid 10/10!

Abe K


This guy will make you money but at what cost? I was up a quarter mill following his strategies and realized how unethical it is to be stealing money from those we’re trading against. This man has figured out the markets obviously but this is not fair to those who have no idea what they’re up against in him. I took all of my profits and put it into The Ronald McDonald House. Be careful, friend, or God will not let you into Heaven with these tactics.

Prescott James Walker

The guy is the real deal.

I’ve been watching him for a while now, and he has a real understanding for the markets. He is very transparent about his trades. One of the best out there.

Mark P

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